Thursday, 15 January 2009

Lets Go Faster!

Back to Project Dead Ped. This was a project I started from a trashed 1998 Honda Tact, This is my main mode of transport here in South Korea. It has a 2cylcle 50cc engine, Normally it takes about 3 minutes to completely warm up so I can go the maximum speed of 35-37mph max. So the question is do I need to go faster? Probably not, But. I dont care about Probabilities. So im writing down my list to keep things organized.

1. Derestrict the Variator. This should add at least 3-4mph.

2. Ram Air Cooling. This should keep the air foils on the piston cooler.

3. Snorkel / Cold Air Intake. Why not! This place has a monsoon season. I need to be able to cross deeper water. With my intake 6 inches from the ground this would Hydrolock the engine.

4. 8 Lift Kit, because I like jumping and going offroad with the scooter.

The one problem I will have with my project is that the budget is 0. I figure this will make things interesting, and I will not have to worry about wasted money when I fly back home. Below is the List of Items I have gotten so far for free.

1. 1998 Honda Tact

2. A Wrecked 1997 Honda Tact

3. An Abandoned 125cc 2cycle Daelim Scooter (for a Larger Engine, If possible)

4. A motorcycle battery

5. A Truck Battery

6. Parts to a Vacuum Cleaner

7. A Metal Basket for Parts

8. Several feet of Electrical Wiring

9. Plastic Bags

10. Vaseline

11. Hot Glue Sticks

12. Duct Tape

13. Front shock to a Hoysung Comet, (8Lift Kit for Rear of Dead Ped)

This list may grow as time goes on, but I believe that I have enough to do all the work I need, however I have very few tools to do this with and it is actually difficult to find a Tool shop in my area. Good thing I watched all the episodes of Macguyver.

Below is a Great Video Set on how to Derestrict you 50cc moped/scooter. Hats off to the guy who made this. This is probably the most in depth modification i have seen. If you are wanting to add a few extra MPHs to your ride, and you have a Vaiator, or Duel Variator system, Then pay attention.

If you get a chance thank this fellow, he spent alot of time to do this, and its not even his first lanuage. Below are some great shots of restrictors and variators i have found on the web.


  1. If you do this, you'll have to figure out a way to ship it home.


  2. Haha I've been planning on doing this to my Vino! It adds about 10mph from what i've heard

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