Sunday, 18 January 2009

Money for nothing, and Chicks for Free

Well I found out how that tools in Korea are ridiculously expensive, So… I have to either find cheaper tools, or have some sent from home. Although I am getting a decent salary for my time here, I feel that paying 30 bucks for a tool set that would cost 5 in the states is absurd and on principle I can not do this. So I am having one of my friends send me a small set of Metric Tools, mostly Sockets and Wrenches. As I was traveling around the other day I noticed that went I came to a stop light I smelled a little bit of smoke. Normally I don’t think much of it since Koreans just burn trash in the alleys, and cars are smoking up all the time. But it was the same smell at every light, I looked around and there was nothing that would give it warrant. Then I stopped at a scooter store where I sift threw there Rubble in the back. I saw that the smoke was indeed coming from my seat of my Scooter. So I opened up the inside and pulled out all the towels and oil. I saw what the problem was. The battery I had hooked up on the inside of the scooter seat had a broken from its connectors and wrapped itself around the other wire, This in return made the two wires heat up to the point that the rubber that coated them melted away, and made a small fire, However there is not enough Oxygen inside the Container to support a fire. So now I have a dead motorcycle battery and the inside of my scooter seat smells like a burning Best Buy. Walking around in the COEX mall in Samsong gave me some ideas for the Dead Ped. I went to the arts and crafts area to take a look around. And I found some Vinyl Graphics rolls, I bought 1 yard of Red, Black, and White. Thought I might spruce up the paint job on the ride. They also had Silver and Gold Vinyl Graphics, but I thought this much to Gaudy for my humble scooter. The plan is to now get some Proper sockets, and tools so I can start some modifications to the Dead Ped.
Next order of Business is Lighting on the Scooter, I need something that Takes as little energy as possible, and last a long time. So I came up with the idea of using high intensity LED lighting on the headlights and possible auxiliary Fog lights on the front. For the back im going to use a simple Headlight with a red filter over it, that should do the trick. And since the Motorcycle battery is now dead due to the electrical fire, I have to use the Truck Battery. Hopefully it will not fry the LEDs. Im also making a system so I can Use the Truck battery on the scooters engine, cause kick starting all the time just gets boring. Sometimes its just fun to flip a switch and go.

Here is a Site that I am using to get the parts I need as far as lighting, I Know that this may increase my overall budget but you got to pay some money if you want something good. I have considered using a Fluorescent Bulb instead of a Traditional Filament bulb as well, this would be nearly free since I can borrow one of the many small Fluorescent bulbs around my Apartment.

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  1. I have found the LED lights at the site